The Festival music program provides a wide array of eclectic acts and styles while retaining its grass-roots origins.

Our hallmark is a line-up of musicians and performers who embrace the values of the Festival, understand its cultural and environmental significance, and are aligned to reconciliation. Some are recognised and celebrated internationally and many nationally. Others are new and emerging artists, and all perform original material.


Live Music in the Lake Bolac Hotel – 8pm  (free event)

SARAH CARROLL – soulful and sassy sing

er-songwriter – fresh from the Port Fairy Folk Festival. Meals available 6-8pm.


DAVID BRIDIE – a long-serving national treasure joined by friend Jida Gulpilil. Of My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Not Drowning Waving

ROSE BYGRAVE – solo – our own homegrown sister of song

MICK THOMAS and the Roving Commission – an ever-evolving writer, performer and raconteur

8 FOOT FELIX – a stomping good time

MISSION SONGS – reviving contemporary Australian Indigenous songs from 1900 to 1999

ALICE SKYE – emerging singer-songwriter, originally from Horsham

Music on Main Stage from 3pm…Buskers stage from 12 mid-day


NEIL MURRAY – Born and bred in Bolac – one of the festival founders and founding member of the Warumpi Band  – long-time Festival favourite, countryman Gunditjmara singer songwriter

BRETT CLARKE – long-time Festival favourite, countryman Gunditjmara singer songwriter



Acacia Gold WIND QUINTET – world premiere


MORE FANTASTIC MUSICAL TALENT to be discovered all weekend

DAVID BRIDIE – An ARIA and AFI award winning musician and long-serving national treasure, A captivating performance awaits us. No matter where his music travels, it carries with it an innate sense of place and time. Bridie’s music is rooted in a past running far and deep; the kind that gives birth to dreams.

ROSE BYGRAVE – A founding member of Goanna, whose hit “Solid Rock” has become anthemic, Rose has gone on to become an illustrious musician and songwriter. Her work is renowned for compassionate song writing Reflecting on the land and especially issue of Indigenous and social justice. Australians. Her voice and music is regarded as amongst the best in Australian contemporary music.–xoG2I

MICK THOMAS – Mick’s ever-evolving talents as a writer, performer and raconteur continue to define a career as intriguing as it is enduring. “Mick Thomas has some secret magic to his writing… he surely can write great songs that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, but of course we never do.  He can roll up to any crappy stage and make it the centre of the universe to any audience.  mick is the real deal, no doubt about that!”  Jamie McKew OAM, Festival Director, Port Fairy Folk Festival.

8-FOOT FELIX – Inspired theatrics and musical prowess, a dancing treasure-chest of infectious ditties speaking multilingual sea-shanties and polka-dotted blues. A multi-genre enigma, with soaring vocals, triumphant horns and deep bass grooves that fray the fabric of time & space.  Described as maverick, whimsical and anchored tight, their unique brand of dance music is crafted from gypsy, ska and funk roots, with the salty taste of sea shanties and a good splash of hip-hop and blues.

MISSION SONGS – Featuring the voices of Jessie Lloyd, Emma Donovan, Deline Briscoe and Jessica Hitchcock.  This project explores the musical journey of Indigenous Australian music connecting the traditional with contemporary, and revealing the continuation of cultural practice and song traditions into the 21st Century.  Searching for the secular songs that were sung after church, Mission Songs Project looks to explore the day to day life of the mission days, from cultural identity to love and loss. These unique songs consist of almost forgotten stories that can now shed light into the history of our Indigenous elders, families and communities. – Yil Lull – NITV report

ALICE SKYE – Alice came to notice in 2015 via Triple J’s Unearthed, and has been garnering attention for original songs that sparkle with a sensitivity and maturity beyond her years.  Her voice has been described as ‘a combination of hopeful and haunting, naturally sweet and slow and dreamlike’.

NEIL MURRAY – Most renowned for his song My Island Home, Neil is well known for his work with Indigenous musicians from the top end and across Australia.  Neil will take us into his poetic world with some great spoken word and song.

DJAB WURRUNG RIVERTIME – Inspired by the Hopkins River, performed by students from Lake Bolac, Willaura, Maroona, Ararat and Mildura in collaboration with Gunditjmara song writer Lee Morgan and dancer Adeline McDonald.

Acacia Gold – World premiere of works written for the Festival by Melbourne composer Dindy Vaughan (‘Lake Bolac Dusk to Dawn’ and ‘Mt Napier’) and German composer Stefan Hakenberg (‘Lake Winds’).